Van Darien began her career in the fertile soil that is the Lone Star State’s always burgeoning country and Americana scene. Unexpectedly, her move to Nashville in 2015 lead her to reminisce about the state that shaped her.

“When I got to Nashville, this place I tried so hard to get to, I realized how nostalgia really can play tricks on us all,” she says. “Suddenly, all the things that I had known growing up seemed so much more beautiful after I was gone.”

As she began songwriting in Tennessee, Van Darien found herself drawn to reconnect with her roots- not so much the places, as the people. Revisiting the peaks and valleys of not only her own past, but those of loved ones and others along the way, led Van Darien to a profound moment in her present: the release of her latest record, Levee.

It’s often said that a record is a snapshot of where an artist is at that given moment, but Levee is a panorama of a journey that is a precious combination of the past, present, and future. Recorded in Nashville’s Glass Onion, Van Darien teamed with studio owner JD Tiner and Steven Cooper to craft a gripping collection of songs that reflect on the importance of inspecting the past before attempting to surge ahead. Levee is a heartbreakingly honest collection of stories from an artist who knows the value of her roots but whose heart can be found on the road.